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Unlock a new era of professional communication with Zoho Mail in Bangladeshby BABAK Service. Designed for individuals, small businesses, and organizations in Bangladesh, this email hosting solution brings a suite of features tailored to meet your unique needs.


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Discover a new standard of email hosting Zoho Mail in Bangladesh, brought to you by BABAK Service. Tailored for individuals, small businesses, and organizations, this solution promises to redefine your communication landscape.

Enhance Your Business Communication with Zoho Mail In Bangladesh

Security and Privacy Assurance:

Trust in Zoho Mail’s unmatched security features, safeguarding your business communications with top-notch encryption and surveillance. Enjoy a reliable 99.9% uptime, ensuring uninterrupted access to your emails. Rest easy knowing your data is protected both at rest and in transit, with support for S/MIME message encryption.

Custom Email Addresses for Your Team:

Enhance your company’s professionalism with custom email addresses like email@yourdomain.com. Establish a distinct online identity for your business in Bangladesh, bolstering visibility and authenticity among clients and partners.

Robust Control Panel:

Take command of your email management tasks effortlessly through Zoho Mail’s extensive Control Panel. Admins can configure settings, customize preferences, add users, manage group aliases, and implement content moderation policies with ease.

Email Retention and e-Discovery:

Ensure compliance with organizational standards and legal requirements by retaining emails for a specified duration. Zoho Mail’s e-Discovery feature facilitates swift retrieval of retained emails, streamlining the search process and bolstering your legal preparedness.

Access Emails Anywhere, Anytime:

Stay connected with your business emails even while on the move with Zoho Mail’s mobile compatibility. Native mobile apps for Mail, Mail Admin, and Streams enable seamless email management from your smartphone or tablet, ensuring productivity no matter where you are in Bangladesh.

Zoho Mail in bangladesh : Specification

  • Custom Domain Brilliance: Personalize your email addresses with your own domain, projecting a professional image in the Bangladesh business sphere.
  • Secure and Reliable Email Hosting:Count on a secure and dependable email hosting service to manage your communication seamlessly.
  • Ad-Free Efficiency:Create a focused work environment with an ad-free experience, ensuring you stay on top of your emails without distractions.
  • Generous Storage Space: Enjoy ample storage for each mailbox, effortlessly managing large volumes of emails and attachments.
  • Seamless Collaboration:Foster teamwork with shared calendars, contacts, and tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Mobile Accessibility:Stay connected on the go with user-friendly mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Zoho Mail in bangladesh: Features

  • Advanced Security Measures: Benefit from spam and virus protection, email encryption, two-factor authentication, and SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Integration Excellence: Seamlessly integrate Zoho Mail with other Zoho applications like Zoho Docs, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Calendar.
  • Intuitive Webmail Interface: Navigate, organize, and manage your emails effortlessly through the user-friendly webmail interface.
  • Babak Services offers premium users unparalleled customer support, ensuring swift response times and dedicated assistance from our Zoho Mail in Bangladeshsupport team. Our package includes a generous 50 GB mailbox, ensuring ample storage for all your communication needs. With Calendar on Sync, scheduling and time management are seamlessly integrated into your daily workflow. We also offer the capability to send attachments up to 1GB, enabling you to share large files effortlessly. Further enhancing collaboration, our service includes email and folder sharing, along with the tools necessary for effective task management, note-taking, and bookmarking, making it an all-encompassing solution for your professional requirements.

    Features Table

    Feature Description
    Priority Customer Support Premium users enjoy faster response times and dedicated assistance from the Zoho Mail support team.
    50 GB Mailbox Ample storage space for emails, ensuring you never have to worry about running out of space.
    Calendar on Sync Keeps your schedule organized and in sync, facilitating efficient time management.
    Attachments up to 1GB Share large files up to 1GB effortlessly, enhancing your communication capabilities.
    Email and Folder Sharing Enables collaborative work by allowing users to share emails and folders with others.
    Tasks, Notes, and Bookmarks Comprehensive tools for managing tasks, taking notes, and bookmarking important information.

Why Choose Zoho Mail in Bangladesh?

  • Professional Image:Elevate your business image with custom domain email addresses.
  • Reliability:Trust in secure and reliable email hosting services tailored for Bangladesh.
  • Efficiency:Experience an ad-free environment and seamless collaboration features for enhanced productivity.
  • Ample Storage: Manage large volumes of emails and attachments with generous storage space.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Stay connected on the move with user-friendly mobile apps.
  • Integrated Security: Benefit from advanced security measures to protect your communication.

How do you create a business email address in Zoho?

If you already have a domain, simply set it up with Zoho to establish your business email.

Don’t have a domain? No problem. Purchase a new domain name through Zoho Mail and seamlessly host it with Zoho to create your business email address.”

Choose Zoho Mail Standard with confidence through BABAK Service – your gateway to a superior email hosting experience in Bangladesh.

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