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20 August, 2021

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Welcome to the success story of our collaboration with Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd. At Babak Services, we take immense pride in showcasing how our tailored solutions have played a pivotal role in transforming and enhancing the technological landscape for our esteemed client.

Enterprise WiFi Transformation:

Challenge: Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd sought a comprehensive upgrade to their existing network infrastructure, aiming for enhanced connectivity and improved user experience across their diverse facilities. Solution: Babak Services implemented a state-of-the-art Enterprise WiFi solution, strategically designed to cover the entire premises. The result? Seamless, high-performance wireless connectivity that meets the demands of a modern and dynamic business environment. Outcome: Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd now enjoys a robust and scalable WiFi network, fostering improved communication, collaboration, and productivity across all levels of their organization.

Microsoft Solutions Integration:

Challenge: Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd aimed to leverage Microsoft technologies to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and ensure efficient collaboration among their teams. Solution: Babak Services meticulously integrated Microsoft Solutions tailored to the specific needs of Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd. From Office 365 to SharePoint, our team ensured a seamless and efficient adoption of Microsoft technologies. Outcome: Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd now benefits from a unified and modernized digital workspace, empowering their teams to collaborate seamlessly and drive business growth.

Surveillance Systems Enhancement:

Challenge: Security is paramount for Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd. They needed an advanced surveillance system to ensure the safety and security of their premises. Solution: Babak Services deployed cutting-edge Surveillance Systems, incorporating high-resolution cameras, intelligent monitoring solutions, and centralized control mechanisms to enhance the overall security infrastructure. Outcome: Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd now boasts a robust and comprehensive surveillance network, providing real-time monitoring and ensuring a secure environment for their operations

Power & Data Center Optimization:

Challenge: Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd faced challenges in power management and data center efficiency, necessitating a solution for uninterrupted operations. Solution: Babak Services designed and implemented Power & Data Center Solutions, optimizing power distribution and enhancing the efficiency of their data center operations. Outcome: Amin Mohammad Foundations Ltd now experiences enhanced reliability in power supply and streamlined data center operations, contributing to increased operational efficiency.

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